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Photography is a way of World-making

I’m an Italian photographer and video maker based in Verona. Photography is my life since I was young: my father and my mother are photographers, and also my grandfather and my great-grandfather. In my family’s photography studio (since 1906) I had the opportunity to test myself in many types of photography (portraits, landscapes, reportages, still life, architecture, etc), learning old and new techniques, analogue and digital photography.

As a professional photographer, I try to experiment every day, focusing on new ideas and languages. I think that photography is not a way to represent the World, but is a way of World-making: I trust in the creative power of the photographic language.

The World in which we are forced to live for me is not enough. I want to create other Worlds: photography is my way of world-making.


Creativity thrives with collaboration
The joining of mind to forge something real.

March 2017 – Today

Owner videomaker, and photographer

  • Owner and videomaker at Tommasoli Visual Factory, video production focused on corporate storytelling, corporate heritage and heritage of territory, winner of the european funding “POR-FESR 2014-2020, Interventi di Supporto alla nascita di nuove imprese”, for the cultural startup considered innovative and important for the development of the territory.

January 2007 – Today


Ongoing collaborations with Studio Tommasoli for reportages, exhibitions and photographic books.

Main works: 

  • Apr 2018. Photoshooting for the new song by Alessandro Safina and Sumi Jo, “Fiore”
  • Oct 2017: reportage, for Comune di Cosenza, about “BocsArt: international artistic residences”.
  • Oct. 2016: exhibition VIBRASONICA – Dinamografie fotogenetiche dal Sottosuolo, at La Feltrinelli, Verona. Photographs by Filippo Tommasoli, presentation text by Agostino Contò.
  • Apr. 2016: ideator and curator of the editorial series Sedici, thematic photographic album printed and realized with precious materials and high quality. Author of the introductory texts.
  • Apr. 2016: co-curator of the photographic exhibition “Lo sguardo innocente. Bimbi e bimbe del Novecento. Ritratti dall’Archivio Tommasoli”, with photographs from Archivio Tommasoli, at bookshop La Feltrinelli, Verona. Author of the critical text.
  • Feb. 2016:   co-curator of the photographic exhibition  “Tra sangue e fango. La Grande Guerra nei volti, nelle mani, nelle parole del popolo che l’ha vissuta”, at the central building of the Banca Popolare di Verona;  Author of the critical text .
  • Aug. 2015: co-author and curator of the exhibition I volti dell’Opera, realized in collaboration with Fondazione Arena di Verona in Peschiera and Malcesine. Author of the critical text and of the introductory text of the catalog.
  • 2013-2015: photographer for Sotterranei, underground label based in Padua.
  • 2013: reportage of the Arena Opera Festival, Verona.
  • 2012:  reportage of the Arena Opera Festival, Verona .
  • 3-6 may 2012: co-curator of the exhibition Sirio e Alessandra Tommasoli at Milan Image Art Fair.
  • 3-6 maggio 2011:   co-curator of the exhibition Filippo e Fausto Tommasoli at Milan Image Art Fair.
  • 2010: photographic campaign: portraits of Famiglie dell’Amarone d’Arte.
  • 2010: partecipation to the exhibition Human Rights, Rovereto, at the Peace’s Bell.
  • 2009:  partecipation to the exhibition Human Rights, Caserta, Belvedere di San Leucio (photograph acquired by Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Caserta)
  • 2008: reportage about St. Pietroburgo and realization of San Pietroburgo, photographic book in limited edition, printed in fine art for KMB Bank.
  • 21 march-30 may 2008:  co-curator of the anthological exhibition of the Archivio Tommasoli at Photo Biennale, Moscow.


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