The truth of Shadow

“The truth of Shadow” is a long term project about the magic that lives in the dark areas of the western world. A never forgotten reality that has continued to live through the centuries, enriching itself, especially in the era of globalization, with cultural contaminations that have changed its face in unthinkable ways. A way of seeing the world as an alternative to the scientific world, but with a descriptive power that is not inferior, which brings together many different social groups, individuals, tensions, aspirations and desires.


Chapter One. Turin: the circle of Light and Shadow

Turin is one of the most magic places in the world, the one and only that is the top of both the triangles of White (with Lion and Prague) and Black Magic (with London and San Francisco). This particular aura attracts thousands of wizards and witches for hundreds of years, creating an incredible underground world full of mysteries and inexplicable things.


Faces of the Opera
The truth of Shadow - La verità dell'ombra

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