Photogenic Dynamographs from the underground

VIBRASONICA come mainly from a will of language: manage to bring together and react two very di erent linguistic systems, that of photography and that of music, creating images that can return to the viewer expe- rience includes both the visual and the sound dimension. Focusing entirely the creative dynamic during the shooting phase, a relationship of total inter-dependence, o en almost subliminal, was created between the movements of the camera, the colors, the moment of shooting and musical dynamics, rhythm, the atmosphe- re created by the bands on stage, the sound vibrations that came to me while photographing. Taken together, these photographs, created between 2013 and 2016 a er several researches and studies on the concepts and features of the Futurist dynamism representations, compound a particular portrait of the underground music scene, national and international, which developed around the collective and independent record label Sotter- ranei, in Padua, communicating expressively with the vitality, the energy, the power of underground music: “the counterculture is hidden, lurking in the non-places, germinates underground. You can look for it through the vibrations that irradiate to the surface”.

This is VIBRASONICA: an attempt to break the language barriers of the language of photography, bringing it to expand its expressive capacity, up to the dimension of sound.
e subjects of the photographs are emerging and renowned bands from the regional, natioanl and inter- national underground music scene: Mondo Naif, Pietro Berselli, Ulisse Schiavo, Gramlines, Zeus, SadSide Project, Herba Mate, Captain Mantell, Marnero, Bologna Violenta, Universal Sex Arena, Jennifer Gentle, Deville, Il Buio, HomeSick Suni & the Red Shades, Cosmetic, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, e Walking Who and much more.

VIBRASONICA. Photogenic dynamographs from the underground
Giulia Tudisco - Like Water

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